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Hackney Home Investors LLC  

Our goal is to help people restore their faith in themselves and other people.  People of all walks of life have bad times.  We are here to try to help people get back on their way to owning their own home. To provide property that people can afford to rent.

We will guide you on helping to clean up your credit so you can start planting the seed to the future of being a home owner.

With your help we can stay in tune with people that are looking to rent or buy to help us stay informed what people really are looking for in a house. We try to stay up on affecting our industry and to remain on the cutting edge of technological innovation and the people help us do that.

Our success is dependent solely upon the satisfaction of our tenants, which can be achieved through integrity, courtesy, honesty, respect and efficiency in all that we do.

If you do see any houses that needs work and that has notes in the window, for sale sign, or you know it is has been empty for a while or going into foreclosure just email me hhomeinvestors@gmail.com with the address of the house and your name and address. If we buy there is a finder’s fee.

We look forward to helping people get back their hope.

If you have any questions or ideas please email me (Shelly) at hhomeinvestors@gmail.com or call 816.786.5600

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